Sunday, December 13, 2015

Click Pops Exhibition Review

The Click Pops Exhibition is title Sound Art New Only in Name and includes works from the artists Clint Sleeper, Jean-Paul Perrotte, Robert Morrison, Tohm Judson, and Carol Burch-Brown. The first piece you notice when you walk into the exhibition is Clint sleepers. It is a video where is throws dirt onto different instruments and creates a unique sound. This piece was interesting and nothing that I have ever seen before. I liked the display of the piece, the dirt and speakers where displayed in front of the video. It gave it more of a 3D effect.
         The next piece was a combinations of videos done by different artists some of the artists where students from the school. Luckily mine was one of the videos in the collection. The students videos where chosen because they where created in a combined class with John-Paul Perrotte and Clint Sleeper which class I was able to take. These videos where fascinating to watch, I have never seen them without audio before. In order to hear the audio you had to listen to the headphones.
         Following the last display is an interactive display created by Jean-Paul Perrotte and Robert Morrison. Morrison had created these metal bowls that when hit they would each create the same noise but at different pitches. Morrison asked Perrotte to help work on it with him and Perrotte came up with a way of getting the bowls to be hit randomly, while some of the other bowls could be hit with the viewers observing the display.
         The final display piece in the exhibition was by Tohm Judson and Carol Burch-Brown. This piece was a video of marshlands and the animals in it. The video had different effect and the audio was interesting as well. The thing I liked most about this piece was the display and how there was three panels of cloth that the video was projected on. It gave it a very different perspective and unique illusion.
         Overall I enjoyed this exhibition and thought that is was well executed as to the pieces in the exhibition and the arrangement.


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