Sunday, December 13, 2015

Click Pops Lecture Talk Review

The Click Pops Talk had the artists talk about their career and their work in the exhibition Click Pops, Sound Art: New Only in Name. The first artist to talk was Brett Van Hosen and talked about different artists throughout history. Next to talk was Jean Paul Perrote and he talked about the reason why he named the exhibition Click Pops. The reason why he named it that was because while he was working in Germany his friend asked him to describe to him what his works sounded like, and Jean Paul explained that it is a bunch of clicks and pops.

Jean Paul also talked about a piece that is in the exhibition and it is a composition that he worked on with Psychologist Dr. Gideon Caplovitz. They worked on a composition that was completely composed with an EEG machine. He explained that they hooked up an EEG machine to someone and the computer would map the brain waves and send signals to two computers in order to randomly create the sounds that were composed. They performed that composition live on stage and I thought that this was very fascinating that they creative this individual composition based on someone’s brain.

The next artist that talked was Robert “bob” Morrison, he has been teaching for 47 years and his primary work is wired sculptures. He focused on the objected quality of the occupied space with dimension and perspective. Morrison said that his Brother had an influence on his work that he created. Morrison was looking for his pieces to have a sound that would surround the space that he wanted. He talked about one of his pieces where he had 36 beds in a huge space and used that as his piece.

Dr. Louis Niebur was the next to talk and talked about the history of sound and how they were created to make certain sounds. He talked about the BBC Radio workshop and how Delia Derbyshire was the pioneer of that special sound. I really liked what Niebur talked about he played us sounds that I didn’t know how they were made. He even played the Doctor Who theme song, I was not expecting to hear that and to discover how it was made was very interesting to me.

The last to talk was Tohm Judson and his talk was very interesting. He definitely had his own opinion on what he thought Digital art should be. He was very blunt when he talked and he explained that if you enjoy it for 10 seconds or 8 hours than it is art. He likes his viewers to enjoy themselves so he likes to have his pieces be somewhat interactive. I will say that his work is interesting and I do like the ambition that he has but I feel like it was a lot to handle.

Overall the talk was very interesting and I feel like I learned more about sound art that I did not know before the talk.

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