Monday, December 14, 2015

Mary Flanagan Web Lecture Review

Mary Flanagan had a lecture talk in 2004 and it was posted onto Columbia universities YouTube page. Listen to Mary Flanagan give her talk it was interesting. In her talk she started by talk about he history of other artists and what they did. Flanagan mentioned Yoko Ono and her construction painting and how she saw Ono’s work like pseudo code and how it is like a basis before moving to more of the digital aspect. I thought that this was interesting on how she likes to relate coding into her work.
Another artist that she mentioned was Tony Conrad and his work called flicker. Flanagan said that when you watch make sure that you don’t have epilepsy. I looked up Conrad’ s work and it definitely has a lot of flashing lights. I thought that it was interesting how Flanagan liked his work because it was evoking some kind of response and that is what she wants to do in her work.
One of Flanagan’s works is her project called: The Adventure of Josie true. I looked it up and found it to be something that I had never seen before. I found that it was really interactive and that most of the projects that she works on are interactive videos. She likes how things can be interactive like computer games and observing how they have evolved and can continue to evolve throughout time.
She talked about some of her other projects that she is working on. She mentioned one project that she is work on with someone about how people send emails. She wants to map the emails that people send to people and create a sound projects based on what people are corresponding with.  In her projects I feel like she really makes her projects be personal and I think that it really shows in her work. As an example one of her projects she said was about a story from her childhood.
While watching Flanagan talk I found it hard to concentrate because she was kind of all over the place. One minute she would talk about one thing then remember something else and start talking about that. When she did start talking about her projects halfway through her talk was very interesting and enjoyed listening to it.

Overall I am glad that I listened to her talk and got to her about the artists that influenced her work and to learn about her projects that she has worked on.

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