Monday, December 14, 2015

Dexterity Exhibition Review

Dexterity is an Art Exhibition that is for students only. All students can submit their art pieces to be considered to be in the Exhibition. This year there were many students who entered their work for consideration.

Among some of the work was Art 345 Sound and Image diptychs. It was really cool to see our works in the Exhibition and I thought that it was nice to see the hard work that everyone put into their video and have them be able to be viewed by other people.

I thought that it was really cool that we got Kevin B. Chen the San Francisco based curator and artist to come to our campus to curate and judge the works. I have researched some of his work and he is extremely talented, we were lucky to have him come.  

One of my favorite works in the Exhibition was Jena Valenzuela’s piece. I really enjoyed it because it showed how people on Instagram really care about what they look like and they watch these videos on how to apply certain makeup. Jena really embraced the aspect and tried it herself and made her own videos. I like how she displayed the piece with the two iPhones right next to each other, and having the audio heard only through headphones I also liked because it made me feel like I was more immersed in what I was watching and didn’t get distracted by the people around me.  I was really impressed on how well Jena was able to match up the two phones to be in sync with each other it definitely made it flow well. I was really excited to hear that Jena won a $100 award for her piece of art she deserved it.

Throughout the exhibition there were other types of art works besides digital media. There were many paintings and sculptures and it was exciting to see how the art students on campus were so talented. I also liked the dinosaur made put of cardboard at the back of the exhibition I thought that it was cool and different.

Overall I really enjoyed the exhibition and was glad that I got to see all the amazing talent at the school.

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